ROX®10.0 GPS

Ease of use

The ROX®10.0 GPS is operated in a simple, logical manner using six buttons.
A permanently visible navigation toolbar makes it even more user friendly.

ROX®10.0 GPS

Reading comfort

As with all SIGMA BIKE COMPUTERS, the display has a clear layout and is easy to read thanks to the digits being up to 25% larger than those on the ROX 9.1. The 1.7" full dot-matrix LCD and optimized font provide outstanding legibility during trips. The super bright backlight allows you to see your data in low light conditions.

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ROX®10.0 GPS

Product design

The design of the ROX®10.0 GPS is based on the dynamic lines of sports cars. The wedge shape symbolizes speed. The lines are fluid, giving the device an overall soft appearance. Characteristic features, joints and fine edges, steps and recesses, as well as contrasting features within the finish (shiny and matte) give the device its unmistakable appearance.

The operating elements are ergonomically positioned and easily accessible. Design is about more than just shape; it is about practicality. A harmonious balance exists between the product’s aesthetics and function.

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handlebar mount

The Butler can be used on any 31.8 mm handlebar and places any ROX model comfortably in front of you while riding.

ROX®10.0 GPS


The ROX®10.0 GPS is watertight per IPX 7. This means protection against water entry at temporary (30 min.) immersion at a depth of approx. 1 m. This is regularly confirmed in quality control testing and during test rides.

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