Rox Videos

A selection of the latest ROX Videos.

  • Team Bulls in South Africa.
  • The ROX 10.0 GPS and its highlights.
  • At the team Europcar training camp.
  • ROX 5.0 Settings.
  • ROX 6.0 Functions.
  • ROX 10.0 GPS Installation instructions.
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Professional equipment for professional needs

We developed the new ROX series - the ROX 5.0, the ROX 6.0, the ROX 8.1, the ROX 9.1, and the ROX®10.0 GPS - to provide cyclists a diverse product line that includes high end functionality from the brand you trust.

Choosing a ROX series computer model means you want to do more than just record your speed and distance. Cycling is your passion and you want extensive ride data for both training and racing. The model you select determines just how detailed you want that information to be.

The ROX series includes a model to meet the needs of every cyclist. Pick up a ROX 5.0 if heart rate measurement is key, go for the ROX 6.0 if altitude functions are important or choose the ROX®10.0 GPS with ANT+ to get it all.

Every computer (except the ROX 8.1) has a log function to continually record statistics in short time intervals so that information can be downloaded into very detailed graphs. The DATA CENTER software can be used to easily keep a record of rides or for complete training evaluation and route planning.

You put in the hours on the saddle and we'll take care of the data.